Laurel Dougall brings great comic style as Mrs Myrtle Meshbesher, finding the balance brilliantly between her character's eccentricities and loveable nature.

--Bargain Theatre Land


There are impressive performances across the board but Laurel Dougall stands out as Myrtle Meshbesher.

--Civilian Theatre


An astonishly, grotesquely funny performance by Laurel Dougall.

--Plays to See


The finale to act 1 'If You Believe' is a great show stopping number performed by Myrtle with great ensemble backing.  Laurel Dougall plays Myrtle and is one of the best performers in this show.

--West End Wilma


In the company, Laurel Dougall stands out as the compassionate and determined circus woman who selflessly saves our trio.

--There Ought To Be Clowns


There are some excellent cameo performances from a high energy supporting cast, especially Laurel Dougall's exuberant Gypsy Madame Manzini.

--Musical Theatre Review


As his mother, now married to Squire Hardcastle, Laurel Dougall goes wildly, but hilariously, over the top.  

--Reviews Gate


The cast are all excellent in their roles. Most notable are Laurel Dougall as Mrs Hardcastle and Emily Peach as Constance--it's a wonder any scenery is left with these two women on stage, both chewing it up and spitting it out to great comic effect.

--Fairy Powered Productions


The (extensive) supporting cast--Laurel Dougall . . . are given plenty to do, and they pull it off to a very high standard. Their choreography, by Ian Pyle, is outstanding, worthy of anything you'd see in the West End.

--Musical Theatre Review


Special mention goes to a chameleonic Laurel Dougall as a Darling mother and a dynamic huntress.